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Success Stories

Each family has their success story and we want to share some with you!
Names have been changed for privacy and pictures are not of families shared in these stories.

Sandra attended both Familias Unidas workshops with her parents when she was in 2nd grade. Throughout her education, she and her family implemented the lessons, discipline and mindset taught during the Familias Unidas workshops and continued to use the foundational tools to one day make her goal of attending college a reality. The lessons taught in the workshop empowered her to become an engaged leader in the community. Earlier this year, Sandra was awarded a scholarship at the annual Sequoia Awards for her outstanding community service as a volunteer at Sequoia Hospital and Familias Unidas during her high school career. Sandra is now a first year student at Sonoma State University. Sandra's mom says she developed the habits that she used to help with her daughter's education from Familias Unidas. These habits were foundational in their family's journey and evolved as their needs changed, but the core principle of family engagement continues to help this family reach new milestones.  

Maria was overwhelmed from the birth of her second set of twins and was referred to a psychologist for her mental health. After a few weeks of attending the Familias Unidas workshop, her doctor said she had decreased her stress, was able to control her anxiety and no longer needed services. She attributes that success to the help she received from the instructors and community of Familias Unidas. Now, more than seven years later, she is a volunteer at her children’s school and helps other families during the Familias Unidas workshops. Her four healthy boys are doing well in school. 

Rodrigo and his family participated in the Familias Unidas class when he was 8 years old. During his graduation from the Familias Unidas program, Rodrigo shared that the workshop made his family closer because it gave him the opportunity to interact more with his father. His teacher also noticed a huge difference in Rodrigo's interest in completing his schoolwork after his family attended the Familias Unidas program. He continued to work hard and is now currently enrolled at the University of Puget Sound in Washington. 

Adrian and his parents were enrolled in the Familias Unidas class when he was in Kindergarten. His parents continued to work with him using the strategies that were taught during the program and by the third grade he was able to read at grade level in both English and Spanish. He was on the Principal’s honor roll for all three years of middle school and during his graduation, he wore a white gown to distinguish his achievement. Adrian is currently in high school and is also a volunteer with United through Education. His brother Alex has followed in Adrian’s footsteps and has excelled in school. He will be an 8th grader this year and has been on the Principal’s honor roll for both 6th and 7th grade. He is very motivated to achieve the same honor his brother did in middle school. Their parents attribute their children’s successes to following what they were taught in the Familias Unidas workshop by always encouraging their students to work hard!

A newcomer family enrolled in the Familias Unidas workshop just arriving in the United States and did not know any English. They were unfamiliar with the community and did not know about the available resources, especially for their middle school aged son who had a difficult time with their move. Familias Unidas gave them a safe environment where they learned about the school system and resources they needed. Now, they are well integrated within the community and after implementing the reading strategies and good habits they learned from the class, all 3 of the children are all bilingual and performing well at their schools. 

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