We want to share our recent success and challenges that we’ve experienced as we transitioned from large in-person gatherings to virtual gatherings and individualized support.


We have invested a lot of time to teach parents how to connect with their phones and devices to our online classes and are happy that so many families have been able to participate in our virtual community. It is now more important to support the parents to be advocates for their children during distance learning. 


Each week, we have given a list of optional activities for them to work together and create memories at home during this time of uncertainty. Many families have been sending great pictures and videos of their journeys and have compiled them into a video to share with you (video links below). Our families have been very grateful for this opportunity to continue to learn with their family. It has been a great way to be part of a community and remain connected to other families and knowing they are not alone while safe at home. 


The community we serve are some of the most vulnerable within Redwood City. Many are newcomers and most, if not all, are facing additional challenges of seeking support for shelter, food and economic relief. Although we do not directly provide these services we have been helping connect them with these critical needs. Having direct contact with so many families who have lots of trust in our organization has put us in a unique situation to be able to serve the needs of the community on a case by case basis. We have been working around the clock to provide them help and even helping them work through forms for those who have limited access to a computer. As they face these challenges head on, they continue to invest time within their families and attending Familias Unidas workshop. 


Our sense of pride in our community remains. We see compassion from our families whether it is in sharing critical resources, making masks and adhering to social distancing.


We have much to learn and will continue to adapt to serve our community's greatest needs. At our core, we will always focus on the education of the whole family and help the community thrive. 

We have had an overwhelming positive response from the families who have completed the Familias Unidas program and want to share a few comments we received from our anonymous questionnaire given at the end of the workshop.  [quotes translated from Spanish]


“An excellent experience. Familias Unidas taught me to continue reading with my daughter.

It taught me not to stop our reading despite being tired from work because

I have the motivation that one day my daughter can be a professional.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and this experience.”


“I want to comment that for me this class was extraordinary.

It taught me a lot! I loved it and I would like to start [the class] again to never stop learning ...”


“Personally for me it was a very nice experience to dedicate time to these important projects for the whole family.

And the importance to teach our children to have good habits. I was not aware that I had access to a

program like Familias Unidas and I am happy that I was able to attend and have this experience.” 


“I learned a lot more than what I imagined and our family was able to work as a team.

My daughter enjoyed it very much, though we felt that our time went by very quickly.

I realized that instilling good reading habits is important to help my children to become someone in life.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.”

During this class, the focus was to provide connections to necessary resources, share the importance of participating in the census, continue working on reading strategies, explore with science and help families create a positive environment while at safe at home. 

During this class, the focus was to continue reading as a family and using the resources provided from the Redwood City Public Library during the shelter in place order. Our families also continued to maintain a positive environment while at safe at home. 

During this class, Families focused on emotional well-being. They read books online to learn more about the coronavirus to keep informed and manage stress.

During this class, the focus was to continue reading as a family as they learned about the Solar System. 

More videos to come! Please stay tuned.