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About Us

United through Education (Familias Unidas) was developed by Secundino and Ninfa Zuno in 2006. With over 25 years of experience of teaching in a low-income community, Secundino and Ninfa created this program to engage and teach parents how to become active participants in their children’s education and to promote progress of the community. This idea emerged from a need to provide additional support to not only the student, but to their parents as well. What they realized while teaching both the student and parent together was that the families created a bond centered around education and the parents were more inspired to become involved in their children's academic career. 


Being immigrants themselves, Secundino and Ninfa want to show parents in their community that college is a realistic goal for their children. Their son, Esteban, graduated from Loyola Marymount University and is currently a Region Manger for a large bank broker/dealer. Their daughter, Adriana, graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology at Santa Clara University.


Secundino and Ninfa have a true passion for United through Education, which shows through their success. Since the founding of this program, they have taught and helped over 2,000 families. They have inspired them to be life-long learners and as a result of this program they have created a learning community. They truly believe that with hard work and dedication, families can achieve their dreams.


Kim Zuno has always had a passion for education and helping others. From a young age, she started tutoring her family friends and continued working as a tutor throughout college. Kim graduated from Loyola Marymount University and earned a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Communications. 


Kim's experience has helped the United through Education (Familias Unidas) team grow and is thrilled to be working with her in-laws to inspire others and better the community. Kim also comes from a family of immigrants and has two older sisters that also graduated from prestigious universities with multiple degrees and are now professionals. Kim knows firsthand that families who prioritize education and work hard can achieve their dreams.


Kim lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Esteban, and daughters, Emilia and Isabelle. She also has a passion for baking and traveling.


Advisory Board

We are honored to have many distinguished members from a variety of organizations that support our common goals to better serve our community. 


Melissa Canela

Education Programs Manager

Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

Linda Montes, Ed.D.

Senior Advisor

National Urban Alliance

Graciela Murillo

Engaged Mother 

Graduate and current student of the United through Education Familias Unidas Workshop

Victor Shlionsky

Tax Director

Lavine, Lofgren, Morris & Engelberg, LLP

Marie Violet

Director, Health & Wellness 

Dignity Health- Sequoia Hospital

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