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We asked our community: 

What about Familias Unidas are you most grateful for? 

The responses poured in from both parents and students were filled with genuine gratitude for the lessons learned and support received. We want to share glimpse of the heartfelt appreciation our families have for our program.

"I am grateful for having been taught how to create good study habits for my children, fostering a love for reading, and for guiding me to understand the educational system so that I can better assist my children. Thank you for everything, teachers."

"I enjoy participating in Familias Unidas because it gives me the opportunity to practice Spanish with others outside of my own family. I like the activities they provide for us to spend time with my parents. Thank you very much for everything."

"I would like to thank Familias Unidas for is the educational and emotional support they offer to every family. It's a great community to be a part of."

"Thank you for helping us, as parents, to be more involved in our children's education, and at the same time, we are learning alongside with our children. This is a great service to the community."

"Thanks for teaching me to be a better student and for showing us that anything is possible."

" I am grateful for the motivation to keep me reading."

"Honestly, I have many things to say, and words wouldn't be enough. First of all, thank you. I've learned to listen to my children and help them grow as individuals, striving to achieve our dreams. Yes, it is possible with a lot of effort."

"I want to thank you because even though I cannot be very present in the classes due to my work, thanks to you, my children and my wife tell me about what they have learned from their Familias Unidas classes. It has served us a lot to develop that significant part of reading and learning and I am still able to feel a part of your class."

"I am grateful to Familias Unidas for all the information provided during each class. I am also grateful for the support with our children to help them learn and grow their love for reading every day. Thank you for teaching us how to support our children with their homework and dedicate more time to our family."

I am grateful for having been taught how to create good study habits for my children, fostering a love for reading, and for guiding me to understand the educational system so that I can better assist my children. Thank you for everything, teachers.

"We appreciate you for all the important information you provide at every meeting and for all the support you give us to guide our children in the best way. Not only in school for their learning but also teaching them to defend themselves against bullying, drugs, etc."

"Your advice for promoting reading and the time you dedicate, always accompanied by a smile, are greatly appreciated."

"Thank you, Familias Unidas, for all the support you provide by giving us all the resources to guide and educate our daughters to be better. Thank you for always being there for us; we are very grateful!"

"More than anything, thank you for creating this wonderful program and for caring about our community. Thank you for staying informed about the challenges each family faces and for giving us your trust; it helps people open up and come together. Also, thank you for helping families engage in nature program; it is greatly appreciated. And, above all, thank you for assisting us with our precious treasures, who will be the future of this great nation."

"I am grateful that my children get excited about reading, and all the information you provide is important and valuable."

" I am grateful for all the effort and work you do for the community. I love the community; it's very friendly. I also enjoy the activities we do and all the very kind people."

"Many thanks for your dedication, effort, and patience that you dedicate to all these families in need of knowledge, reminders, and encouragement to continue supporting our little ones."

"We are grateful all the effort you put into providing us with the tools to help our children in school, health, and all the resources you inform us about. They are very helpful."

"What I am most grateful for is having met you because your advice has made me a better student. Everything you have taught me has helped me grow as a person and much more. I am incredibly thankful."

 " I am grateful for all the tools and excellent advice on math, scientific and reading routines for our students, along with all the important information for the community and our physical well-being.

"I am very grateful because I have learned so much and I have the confidence to ask any question I may have."

"I appreciate the lessons and advice! Thank you for teaching my children to appreciate reading more! Your classes have helped us invest our time doing more things as a family. Thank you for teaching us how to contribute to the education of not only our little ones, but us as parents."

"I am grateful because I hardly watch television anymore. Instead,  I practice reading and do more activities with my sisters that serve our development."

"Thank you for teaching us to be good readers! Thanks to you, I have learned to read more in Spanish."

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